What we Do

research & design For thriving communities  

We study how people actually live, work, and play – and all the things people do, say, and make along the way.

We situate these people and practices in broader social and cultural contexts, and in more-than-human worlds, to better understand how communities survive, revive, and thrive.

We support what works well, and we imagine what else could too.

Our Consulting Services

Cultural Research & Design Ethnography 

Field Research

Participant observation, qualitative interviews & cultural probes

Desk Research

Literature reviews, media & cultural analysis

Writing & Narrative Design

Reports, web content, creative non-fiction & visual narratives

Creative workshops, walkshops & other Events

Co-design & Un-design

Design things that support you & carefully dismantle things that don’t.

Maintenance & Repair

Take care of what you have.

Speculative Design & Role-Playing 

Imagine something different.


Share what you care about.


More-Than-Human Lab is GST registered in Aotearoa New Zealand.